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About Us

Tidal Relay

Woodshed Technologies develops and commercialises “clean” innovations in and acquires and grows businesses in three critical industries, or human endeavours, that so greatly define the quality of humanity’s ongoing day-to-day existence.


Modern humanity cannot get enough of it.
Focusing on renewable energy sources and improving what exists in fossil fuel technologies. Energy conservation devices. Next generation thermal insulation.


Earth’s most precious physical resource. Potable water stocks are under stress or unavailable. Water recycling, re-use, capture, storage and de-salination technologies.


Do it cleaner and better. Next generation technologies.

“The undeniable fact is we have really not looked after our planet very well at all. The Earth’s vital resources are under stress as never before. In many respects we can say “Time’s Up!”. We either learn to care better for the only home we have or we will wear the disgrace of leaving nothing for, and endanger the very existence of, future generations.

Woodshed Technologies was therefore founded with the focus of developing and commercialising technologies that are sustainable or renewable or non-damaging in form; or that serve to improve existing sometimes harmful technologies.

We simply focus our efforts on energy, water and transport because of humanity’s critical needs and insatiable desires in these three areas and because history has proven our potential to do so much environmental damage within these industries.”


Melbourne Office Fitouts Help Employees Focus

Office Fitouts Melbourne Are Employee Focused

Each office building that you step into is unique in its own way. You would be surprised though by how many do not really have much variety to them. They are static in the way in which they have not altered their design in decades. That is why office fitouts Melbourne are necessary now more than ever. There are so many positive changes that could be brought to the workplace if we just took the time to stop and reconsider how it is that we do our business in the first place.

Open Offices

The first rule of office fitouts Melbourne these days is to go with an open office. It is not as though this is the first time that this concept has ever been thought of, but it still applies even to this day. There are a lot of offices that still keep up the cubicle walls and other features that make the office less than useful. However, Office fitouts Melbourne by Kontract now call for a more open and transparent office that helps employees communicate with one another with ease.

Don’t Skim On Technology

Technology can be a major expense in office fitouts Melbourne. However, that does not mean that it should not be part of the equation. As a matter of fact, technology matters a lot in office fitouts Melbourne. It is what helps employees get their work done and remain in the loop so to speak when it comes to what is going on in the office or even around the world. Contact with clients and others is a lot easier when technology is present in the office as well. It is best to have as much useful technology as part of your office fitouts Melbourne as possible.

Bring Some Color Into The Place

You want people to stick around and actually work for you. The only way to make that happen is to have an office that is at least somewhat inviting to them. This means that you should make color a priority when it comes to your office fitouts Melbourne. People prefer to work in a space that is brightly colored whenever possible. If you believe that you have the chance to put in some bright colors throughout the office, take that opportunity. You will not be disappointed when you see the results it produces in the work that your employees get done. Most office managers say that this is what made the most surprising different in their books.

Wondering About Office Fitouts Melbourne ?

Wondering About Office Fitouts Melbourne ?

Any small business owner or manager needs to know a thing or two about office fitouts Melbourne. That is the simple reality of the situation. They cannot possibly get much done in terms of their office priorities if they do not take the time to get to know about how Office Fit Outs Melbourne Kontract https://kontract.com.au/ are impacting their employees and their profitability. With this article we explore some of the ways that companies are using office fitouts Melbourne to change the landscape of how work is done.

A Greater Sense Of Community

Perhaps you love your job and everything is just rosy. However, for many people that is not the case. Part of the problem for them is likely a lack of communication with their co-workers. Not having the right office fitouts Melbourne can definitely cause this kind of tension. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to this problem.

Taking down the walls that separate people is a class office fitouts Melbourne solution. Just take down those old cubicle walls and other borders that exist in the office. They were there once for a purpose, but those days are long gone. Instead of wanting to make everyone their own independent organism, most offices prefer to have office fitouts Melbourne that bring people closer together.

Make Your Office An Active One

Have you ever wondered why it is that some of the biggest technology companies in the world all seem to have a similar design to their office? A lot of it has to do with getting their employees up out of their desk chair and moving. Office fitouts Melbourne are seeing this more and more with all different types of companies. The companies are wanting their people to get up and move around to keep them energized and healthy.

Office fitouts Melbourne should make it possible for an employee to get up and stretch throughout the day. They ought to be equipped with the tools they require to not have to be held hostage to their desk for the entire day so to speak.

Bringing In The Right Kinds Of Color

Color has a big impact on our psychological well-being. If we do not have the right amount of color in our life, we end up feeling down about ourselves and our lives in general. This is why color schemes are important when it comes to office fitouts Melbourne. Think about bringing in some bright colors to all areas of the office that you possibly can. There is just nothing like seeing some brightness in your day.

Are Melbourne Office Fitouts Worth It?

Are Office Fitouts Worth It In Melbourne?

How much time should you spend on office fitouts Melbourne? Well, that depends on how important it is to you to have the most productive office possible. Do you want to see your efforts rewarded with more productive employees and a better office environment in general? That is what you get when you use all of the tools at your disposal to create something that just works.
Thinking About The Well-Being Of Employees
Every change that you make while doing office fitouts Melbourne could potentially make a big impact on the way in which your employees get their work done. You might literally make life a lot easier on them or make them want to leave to get another job. So much of this entirely depends on the office fitouts Melbourne that you do in the early days. You have to consider some of the trends in office fitouts Melbourne that are happening right now before you ever design your office.
Tear Down This Wall
Just as President Reagan famously said to “tear down this wall!”, you too should consider eliminating so many walls that go up in a lot of offices. There is no need to have that many restrictions on who can see or talk to who. There is a lot more communication that goes on in an office with Office Fitout Melbourne Kontract www.kontract.com.au/ that include an open office plan. The walls from office fitouts Melbourne of yesteryear were something that designers believed would increase employee productivity at the time. They were actually dead wrong about that in the long run. All that those extra walls really did was add more layers between employees. It separated everyone and categorized people. It was not a healthy or helpful system at all.
Put In A Nap Room?
You might even consider going all the way to one extreme with office fitouts Melbourne and include a nap room for your employees. Most offices do not have this wonderful feature, but it is a big favorite of employees who work in offices that do have one. While office fitouts Melbourne usually do not include this, there are some benefits to using a nap room to boost productivity. As strange as that may sound, most adults in the world are sleep deprived. They do not get enough rest at night because of all of the demands of life. Therefore, having the chance to catch up on some sleep while at work can be just the thing they need to get more done after they have woken up again.

About Office Fitouts Designers Melbourne

About Office Fitouts Designers Melbourne


Getting the best out of an office fit out designer is mainly based on the kind of experience the designer has. For example, a designer that has worked with medical suites, open spaces and retail-related spaces has a better chance of coming up with the kind of space a client needs as opposed to a designer who is only experienced in open space layouts.

Excellent Designers for Office fitouts Melbourne by Kontract  provide a number of factors to their clients before they embark on the job. First, they provide sketch plans, which provide detailed information as per the briefing of the client. These sketch plans come 48 hours after the client has requested for the services of these professionals. Secondly, office fit outs Melbourne designers come up with a condition report.

This report highlights any form of tenancy that may occur during the construction, hence they plan their timeframe taking into consideration this factor. As such, the client is assured of minimal or no delays or disruptions when the construction begins. Lastly, office fit outs Melbourne designers tag along inductive budgets for each sketch plan. These inductive budgets show the kind of material needed for each sketch as well as the cost of the office fit out in details. Therefore, clients do not have to worry about transparency and accountability when it comes to experienced office fit outs Melbourne designers.

These designers also advise clients on the best layout for their business because the designers not only look out for a good-looking office space but a place that is comfortable and convenient for the kind of business the client does. As such, office fit outs Melbourne designers go out of their way to ensure there is ample lighting, proper mechanical channels that are easy to maintain and renovate, efficient lifts, accessible lifts, enough space for weight loading areas and install efficient air conditioning equipment.

Differences Between Melbourne Office Fitouts

Office Fitouts Melbourne – The Differences

It was once debated as to how much an office space really impacts the amount of work that actually gets accomplished. You could probably find people on both sides of that camp who would argue with one another about how much of their employee’s productivity comes from the Office Fitouts Melbourne Kontract that they have established. These days though, there is little debate. It is clear that office fitouts Melbourne have a major psychological impact on employees and their performance.

The Color Scheme

The first thing to consider in office fitouts Melbourne is what the color scheme looks like. Do you have white walls and grey cubicles? Could there be an office fitouts Melbourne that looks worse than that? You have to try to break away from the static ways of looking at offices from the past. Instead, you will want to try to change up the color in your office to make it as bright and colorful as possible.

Employees love to work in office fitouts Melbourne that have clearly been designed with them in mind. This means they want to be in an office that has a lot of color and design to it. It helps them to focus in more on the work that they want to accomplish rather than the drabness of life working in a cubicle.

Remove Excessive Space

Certain spaces are just too big for your real office needs. You might have conference rooms that are oversized compared to the role that they are supposed to play. Additionally, areas that are not additive to the bottom line can be reduced in size as well. A lot of office fitouts Melbourne are even reconsidering the desk size that an employee has. As strange as that may sound to some, it really does make a difference. Huge desks are no longer in vogue. They do not symbolize someone who has a lot of work on their plate as we once thought of them. Instead, they just mean more wasted space.

Make Work Comfortable

Employees thrive when they work in an environment that is comfortable to them. They need to feel as though they can relax when necessary at work. Yes, it is the place where they are supposed to be getting tasks completed, but this is not possible if they are stress out about too many things all the time. Instead, it is much better when their employer makes a space that is comfortable for them to work in and lets it go from there.

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Why Office Fitouts In Melbourne Wins

What Makes Office Fitouts Melbourne Designers Winners?


Understanding the skills and culture of a business determines the kind of office space such a business should have. Nonetheless, all these information could be irrelevant if the contracted service provider does not have ample experience regarding renovation or building of new office fit outs. An excellent office fit outs designers such as Office fitouts Melbourne at Kontract should be able to advise the client on the best office fit out for his business after considering the budget as well as the purpose of the business. This is because medical suites operate differently from open spaces or those that fit retail purposes.

Secondly, office fit outs Melbourne designers should provide a condition report giving details on any potential tenancies. This report should be in summary form, preferably bullet points to make it easy for the client to follow through when it is being explained and even during the construction. Thirdly, it is expected of office fit outs Melbourne designers to provide indicative budgets. Such budgets give options to clients, hence enabling them to make relevant changes in their business plans and accommodate the intended cost for best office fit outs regarding their businesses.

It is the mandate of office fit outs Melbourne designers to look for approvals and permits as dictated by law to reduce any disruption or delay during construction. The designers are also in a position to establish clear and defined objectives regarding the required office accommodation as agreed upon by their clients. This may include air conditioning equipment and lift installation, proper machinery and lighting installation, easy to access fire exits, recognizable weight loading bays, and details regarding the current market rates on materials to be used for construction. Office fit outs Melbourne designers should be able to provide the best timing to buy materials, advise where to find the best incentives and provide information regarding favorable negotiation skills when buying these materials. Concisely, the designers are well equipped to manage such a project if the client is comfortable with that.

Office Fitouts Melbourne Best Traits

Office Fitouts Melbourne Best Traits.

What are some of the very best traits of office fitouts Melbourne that have been used by various companies? We are here to talk about that very subject with you today.


Why would any office be designed without first thinking of its users? That is unfortunately the state of affairs in a lot of cases in many offices. There are places that are crafted without the slightest thought paid to who will be using those spaces. That is why office fitouts Melbourne are so critical right now. It is time to use office fitouts Melbourne to re-design offices so that they focus in on the employees who will be using them.

Some of the most popular features in Office Fitouts Melbourne Kontract that have proven successful from an employee prospective are the following:

  • Fewer Walls Between Co-Workers
  • An Active Office The Permits Them To Step Away From Their Desk
  • Large Enough Break Areas
  • Plenty Of Natural Lighting
  • Great Technology

Each of these features can make an employee feel happier being at work. That is the ultimate goal of doing office fitouts Melbourne after all.

Saving Money

While keeping employees happy is an honorable goal, we all know that companies are about saving money as well. They want an office that works for them and their employees. To obtain this, they need to have certain features in their office fitouts Melbourne to make it happen. How about looking at cutting out unnecessary space as an example?

A lot of offices have rooms that are too large for the purposes that they currently serve. Think about the last time you were in the conference room at the place where you work. You probably were in there with a few other employees. However, was there enough space to seat many more? That might have been the case. If it was, then that is a good sign that there is wasted space in the office building that you work in. Cutting that out can reduce the cost of rent in your office. That is essential.

Another way to use office fitouts Melbourne to save money is to update to some of the latest technologies to reduce paperwork. A lot of time spent by employees is simply on looking for and processing paperwork. If they can eliminate some of this hassle, they can get back to work on the tasks that really matter to the company. It is definitely something worth considering.