About Us

About Us

Tidal Relay

Woodshed Technologies develops and commercialises “clean” innovations in and acquires and grows businesses in three critical industries, or human endeavours, that so greatly define the quality of humanity’s ongoing day-to-day existence.


Modern humanity cannot get enough of it.
Focusing on renewable energy sources and improving what exists in fossil fuel technologies. Energy conservation devices. Next generation thermal insulation.


Earth’s most precious physical resource. Potable water stocks are under stress or unavailable. Water recycling, re-use, capture, storage and de-salination technologies.


Do it cleaner and better. Next generation technologies.

“The undeniable fact is we have really not looked after our planet very well at all. The Earth’s vital resources are under stress as never before. In many respects we can say “Time’s Up!”. We either learn to care better for the only home we have or we will wear the disgrace of leaving nothing for, and endanger the very existence of, future generations.

Woodshed Technologies was therefore founded with the focus of developing and commercialising technologies that are sustainable or renewable or non-damaging in form; or that serve to improve existing sometimes harmful technologies.

We simply focus our efforts on energy, water and transport because of humanity’s critical needs and insatiable desires in these three areas and because history has proven our potential to do so much environmental damage within these industries.”


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